IKO Certification Session


Are you looking at going on some travels this summer? Need to hire gear at your holiday resort? Well the IKO Certification card is what you need!!



Off traveling this summer? Needing to rent equipment abroad? Let us certify you before you go, to save you the hassle when your there. Or even if your renting kit from us, we will need proof of your riding abilities.

The IKO Member Card certifies your skill level and is verification as you continue to train and develop. Your IKO Instructor will fill in the remaining levels until you are a Level 3 independent rider.

Future schools, kitesurfing – kiteboarding instructors and shops then know how competent  kitesurfer you are and some centers request you present your card in order to rent equipment, which is a great way to promote safety.

A brief 20 minute session with one of our IKO qualified instructors will get you the hassle free pass to renting kit all over the world, or pursuing a new level of kite boarding expertise abroad!