Kite Surfing Full Zero to Hero

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This course is for you, if your set on pursuing a new sport, dedicated and have been doing your Youtube research! After the 6 hour course, you should be confident enough to go out riding yourself, have the safety knowledge to read the conditions correctly, and plan your session.



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Ideal for people who are set on pursuing a kiteboarding passion!

In this course, we will get you piloting a Kiteboarding kite for the first time, all the way through to those first board starts (we hope) !!!

The course is run with 1 instructor to 2 students for the first 2 hours, and then individually for the final 4 hours.

Don’t worry, you’re never on your own, we will supply you with a Headzone Radio Helmet, so we are always in contact with you.

Lesson structure :

** Course is usually broken down in to 3 x 2 hour sessions – unless doing the day course **

– Part 1 / First 2 hours, we will be building up your theory knowledge for the Wind, Weather and tides, as these are a very variable factor in Jersey and are key to a successful course/lesson. Then we will move on to some trainer kite flying, Kiteboarding – LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) piloting and equipment setup/pack down.

– Part 2 / Middle 2 hours, we will be perfecting what you learnt in the first 2 hours of the course, placing you in the water, and you can do some body dragging (using the power of the kite to drag you through the water – highly exhilarating) up wind body dragging, and a few board exercises. You’ll be setting up the kite on your own here, so make sure you fully listen in those first 2 hours!

– Part 2.5 (optional) – Jetski board tuition for 45 minutes. The final 2 hours of your lesson can be quite daunting, marrying up the kite and the board, so sometimes it’s best to concentrate on some board starts on there own, no kite to worry about. Simply rock up to the beach, jump on board our Wakeboarding specific jetski, and we will teach you the basics of board starts behind the ski, using the kite board. So placing the board on your feet in deep water, to standing up and basic edging. A proven teaching aid from all around the world and a definite if you ask us, to maximise your last 2 hours of lessons.          


– Part 3 / Final 2 hours, we will try to get this done as soon as possible, wind depending – stronger winds and no swell is very important. Here, we will build on the board exercises you learnt last lesson, moving on to those first board starts and hopefully rides!! Finally, we will show you a emergency packdown @ sea so your safety is tip top! At the end of the session you’ll be given a IKO card, showing what level you have achieved.

What you need :- Please arrive 10 minutes early to sort out paperwork/payment. You’ll need suitable footwear IE Trainers, warm clothing, towel, water, sunscreen and a wetsuit (wetsuits available for a additional £5.00) :-) Oh, and don’t forget, food 🙂 & remember, sharing is caring!

Full Day Courses – These include all of the above, the full 6 hour course, along with the 45 minute board skills session behind the Jetski a 1 hour break for lunch (complimentary) and all transfers to and from the airport/Harbour.

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Boardskills – Jetski option, Full Day Option – For Oversea's customers, Standard Zero to Hero