Kiteboarding Advance Tuition


Boosting, Transitions, toeside riding, back loops, front loops, unhooked tricks, basic handle passes.

If your struggling with these, why not spend a few hours with our team to get you nailing them in minutes!



Our advance tuition is totally tailor made to your requirements.

Whether you’re struggling to ride up wind, turn, or have plateau’d and want to learn more advance tricks –

Let our team help you out, from basic’s to advance tricks. Backrolls to Kiteloops.

As always, this is a lesson based activity, so a radio helmet is supplied. Along with a GoPro on your helmet to evaluate your riding after the session.

The session is 2 hours, in which you need to arrive 10 minutes early, to sort out payment + paper work.

We will help you setup your kit, just in case any fine tweak’s are needed for your moves, riding.

We spend around 60-90 Minutes riding, and the rest of the time evaluating.

Sometimes our instructor even goes out with you, rides up wind of you giving you tips through our radio helmet’s as you ride together, also a great motivation to be pushed!! 🙂