Naish Kites Fly 15m Lightwind Kite – 2014/15


Naish Kites Fly is a dedicated lightwind kite, available in a 15m, colour blue/grey.


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Naish Kites Fly is a lightweight freeride kite designed to provide a powerful and smooth ride in light to marginal wind conditions. The proven two strut design give it incredible low end power and easy-handling. This lightwind kite also provides superior turning and control, allowing riders to practice their maneuvers no matter how light the wind is. The Naish Kites Fly has a new reduced leading edge taper which adds rigidity to the wing tip, moving the axis of rotation closer to the center of the kite, resulting in sharper turning and a more precise bar feel. The Fly utilizes a swept back wingtip and anti-stiction window to improve water relaunch.