Slingshot Turbine 2015

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The number one way to increase your time on the water is by extending what conditions make kiteboarding fun. The Slingshot Turbine 2015 can be combined with a Competition Race board, surf boards or a lightwind specific Glide board for mind blowing speed, power, upwind and downwind performance.



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When you want to stay on the water and still have fun in 5-6 knots, you have to be light. To save weight, Slingshot started with a new bladder material that is 25% lighter, reduced the leading edge diameter and introduced a smaller strut size. To make it more efficient and faster in light wind, Slingshot have increased the aspect ratio much like on a glider or wind turbine wing. This improves lift through kite speed and allows it to fly further forward in the window. The bottom line is this kite increases your riding time and gets you off the beach when there’s not a whitecap in sight.

The new Turbine not only gets you on the water first, it provides a performance ride and lets you stay on the water even as the wind is picking up.

Feedback from Slingshot’s larger Turbine riders has been so positive, they have added a new 15 metre size! The smaller Turbine is designed for light to medium weight riders or riders that are very efficient. The Turbine 15 combined with our new foil board is a deadly combination in the lightest of wind.

The Turbine has moved from last year’s 3 point LE attachment configuration to a new 5 point cascading bridle attachment system. This is critical for creating a more consistent smooth feel throughout the power stroke when sheeting in and out with the bar. This gives you specific control over the power which significantly increases range on the low end and high end.

Additional new improvements include a new lower aspect ratio that is combined with a LE diameter reduction of 9%. The two work together to create more grunt and power without sacrificing riding speed, efficiency or upwind performance.

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